Stock photos of doors, 4€ each


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Commercial terms

This website offers:

  1. The right to use an image for commercial purposes, and
  2. The possibility to download the image file from the website


  • The purchase is charged in euro
  • For EU customers 25 percent VAT will be included
  • There is no shipping or handling charged for the download
  • There is no possibility for refunds after the purchase

Your login and password for this website are confidential as if you purchase the right to use a computer program and receive a license number. You are not allowed to publish it nor to let other parties use it. You will loose your right to access if you infringe these terms.

The older images (low item numbers) are sold with a discount as some of them may have a slightly lower technical quality.


In general, cars are registered designs and cannot be a part of a stock photo motive for commercial purposes. Here are cars from Ukraine.


Copyright terms

All images on the website are protected by international copyright laws and treaties. The photographer owns the copyright.

High-resolution images for sale: The right to use the high-resolution images are sold on royalty-free copyright terms. You cannot download images without accepting the agreement. By accepting the agreement grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and reproduce images in the following ways only:

  1. You may use our images for commercial or non-commercial purposes in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, business cards, presentations, decorations, displays, etc.
  2. For any use in books, magazines or newspapers you must credit the copyright holder and with this text: "Image copyright Ebbe Munk [year]. Used under license from".
  3. You may use our images for commercial or non-commercial purposes on websites up to a resolution of 900 x 900 pixels
  4. You may modify an image and use it, but you cannot claim copyright to the modified image
  5. You are not allowed to resell the images as prints or posters or to create an online gallery of the images
  6. This webshop intends not to trade images with recognizable trademarks in it. However, if an image happens to contain names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered designs, or copyrighted designs, then you must by yourself satisfy that you have all necessary rights before you use it commercially.

Low-resolution images for free download: The images shown on the website are all below 900 x 900 pixels and are watermarked "". Also these images are protected by international copyright laws. You may use these images for all non-commercial purposes, if you keep both the file name, the watermark and the file properties unchanged.

To protect privacy problems names from letter flaps, etc are touched up. If you should feel that any photo on the website is an invasion of your privacy, then please write to, and we will see to it.

Cars from Ukraine and Russia


How to buy

You buy stock photos by

  1. Selecting one or more images
  2. Clicking "Add to cart"
  3. Entering your details, and
  4. Pay with a credit card
  5. Download the image file

You can pay with PayPal:


You can return to this website and repeat your download later. You log in with your e-mail address and password.


Technical description

The images were captured in raw format and were converted to TIFF with Adobe Photoshop. All editing has been done in the TIFF format, and in the end the images were converted to JPG.

The average size of the image files is 13 megapixels. Files larger than 16 megapixels are tagged as "Large resolution"

Some 80 percent of the images are in vertical shape, 12 percent are in horizontal shape, and 8 percent are square.

The relationship between the sides of a vertical shape is always 2:3, for example 2,000 pixels wide and 3,000 pixels high. Corresponding, the relationship between the sides of a horizontal shape is always 3:2.

You will receive a link for the JPG file in 90 percent quality. Average file size is 4.6 megabytes.

Please note that files in JPG format loses information during the process of saving and compression, see Do not continue editing a JPG file, but start over with the original, large-size one.

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