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  1. Photo 25696: Facade with brown plastic window and formed, white window Details Lightbox
  2. Photo 25757: Worn, light green facade with three blocked windows Details Lightbox
  3. Photo 26369: Facade with grey, formed double door and two latticed windows Details Lightbox
  4. Photo 24786: Facade with 18 blocked windows and a formed, carved, panelled, black double door Details Lightbox
  5. Photo 25839: Turquoise, plastered facade with four latticed, brown windows Details Lightbox
  6. Photo 25239: Facade of two red brick houses on a street corner Details Lightbox
  7. Photo 26357: Facade with two small, barred, brown windows and a lopsided air conditioning device Details Lightbox
  8. Photo 25856: Plastered, pink facade with formed, round window, brown window, and red, panelled door Details Lightbox
  9. Photo 26119: Facade with two decayed, white windows with four frames each Details Lightbox
  10. Photo 25834: Facade with two windows covered by worn, brown security shutters Details Lightbox
  11. Photo 25840: Facade with narrow, panelled, carved, brown double door Details Lightbox
  12. Photo 25375: Facade with two brown and white windows with three panes each Details Lightbox
  13. Photo 25146: Facade of white house with three brown windows with broken glass Details Lightbox
  14. Photo 25647: Chrome yellow facade with white security shutters Details Lightbox
  15. Photo 25762: Facade with two windows covered by yellow security shutters Details Lightbox
  16. Photo 25751: Facade with two lopsided, brown windows Details Lightbox
  17. Photo 19771: Facade of yellow, plastered house with 13 T-post windows and a brown door Details Lightbox
  18. Photo 26059: No window. Facade with two blocked, yellow windows in sandstone frames Details Lightbox
  19. Photo 25421: Yellow facade with a brown window with two frames and six panes mounted in a large, sandstone frame Details Lightbox
  20. Photo 25287: Facade with three worn, formed, white metal windows in a red brick wall Details Lightbox
  21. Photo 24255: Yellow-washed facade with an orange, shuttered window Details Lightbox
  22. Photo 19068: Facade of a narrow yard with 60 windows in a brown wall Details Lightbox
  23. Photo 25868: Yellow, plastered facade with six windows Details Lightbox
  24. Photo 24862: Facade with black double door and barred windows leading to a canal Details Lightbox
  25. Photo 25191: Facade of brick wall painted grey with a large graffitti painting Details Lightbox
  26. Photo 19701: Facade with pale, turquoise board partition, 10 windows and a brown door Details Lightbox
  27. Photo 25438: Facade with to white windows with three frames each Details Lightbox
  28. Photo 25646: Facade with light green and chrome yellow walls Details Lightbox
  29. Photo 25916: Facade with two new, narrow, panelled, oiled, orange double doors Details Lightbox
  30. Photo 26348: Facade with unpainted door of boards in a second-hand fence Details Lightbox
  31. Photo 16900: Facade of white wooden house with four white windows and black roof Details Lightbox
  32. Photo 25698: Street with facades of Romanian family houses in pink, grey, green and red Details Lightbox
  33. Photo 19606: Worn facade of yellow bricks with nine formed, decayed windows with four panes each Details Lightbox
  34. Photo 25836: Facade with two unpainted, brown windows with four frames Details Lightbox
  35. Photo 17905: Red and yellow facades with 21 dark windows Details Lightbox
  36. Photo 25582: Facade with three worn, yellow, wooden security shutters Details Lightbox
  37. Photo 25515: Facade of typical, yellow, plastered Hungarian house Details Lightbox
  38. Photo 25855: Facade with white window, round, formed yellow window and red door Details Lightbox
  39. Photo 25771: Facade with green metal plate gate and a door Details Lightbox
  40. Photo 25759: Facade with two worn, brown and white windows with four frames each Details Lightbox
  41. Photo 25812: Worn facade with two red window with four frames each Details Lightbox
  42. Photo 19400: Light grey facade with nine white windows Details Lightbox
  43. Photo 25780: Facade with two formed, red windows in a exquisitely plastered, white wall Details Lightbox
  44. Photo 25816: Facade with three windows covered by brown security shutters Details Lightbox
  45. Photo 25442: Stone wall facade with a red metal plate double door Details Lightbox
  46. Photo 24824: Facade with two brown, latticed windows in a decayed, plastered wall of red bricks Details Lightbox
  47. Photo 26365: Facade with red metal plate door Details Lightbox
  48. Photo 25761: Facade with two windows covered by yellow and brown security shutters Details Lightbox
  49. Photo 18799: Facade with two large, white sash windows and a pink door in a roughcast pink wall. Details Lightbox
  50. Photo 23839: Facade with two grey, double shutters Details Lightbox
  51. Photo 26332: Facade with worn, grey door with lattice in front Details Lightbox
  52. Photo 25248: Facade of red bricks with four plastic windows Details Lightbox
  53. Photo 24763: Facade with worn, grey and rusty shutters and door Details Lightbox
  54. Photo 25810: Worn facade with two yellow security shutters Details Lightbox
  55. Photo 24797: Facade with two brown, latticed, barred windows and a panelled, carved, teal door in a plastered wall Details Lightbox
  56. Photo 24546: Facade with brown and white tiles and two shop doors covered by turquoise security shutters Details Lightbox
  57. Photo 25774: Facade with six brown windows Details Lightbox
  58. Photo 25023: Facade with two narrow, blue metal trapdoors Details Lightbox
  59. Photo 14137: Lopsided, red facade with three brown windows Details Lightbox
  60. Photo 26127: Facade with two decayed, white windows with three frames each Details Lightbox
  61. Photo 25150: Facade of worn, white stable Details Lightbox
  62. Photo 25165: No door: Grey facade with a door covered with plywood Details Lightbox
  63. Photo 24637: Decorated, brown facade of a residential property Details Lightbox
  64. Photo 25349: Facade of garage hidden behind gorgeous graffitti in yellow, orange, blue, white and yellow Details Lightbox
  65. Photo 23876: Facade with two black and red shutters Details Lightbox
  66. Photo 26367: Facade with low, brown door and a lopsided, brown window Details Lightbox
  67. Photo 25148: Facade of worn, white house with broken glass and blinded windows, ready for demolition Details Lightbox
  68. Photo 26346: Facade of decayed, former shop with black and unpainted half-door and shuttered windows Details Lightbox
  69. Photo 26043: Facade with two white, formed windows Details Lightbox
  70. Photo 25437: Facade with unpainted, brown door and two windows Details Lightbox
  71. Photo 25806: Worn, plastered facade with new, white security shutter covering a window Details Lightbox
  72. Photo 25521: Facade with two white, barred, latticed cellar windows Details Lightbox
  73. Photo 25280: Facade with two worn, white windows with six panes each Details Lightbox
  74. Photo 24146: Facade of yellow sandstone with 20 various, yellow and green shuttered windows Details Lightbox
  75. Photo 25779: Facade with red or brown gate and four yellow windows Details Lightbox
  76. Photo 25448: No window: Facade with red and rusty metal plates and a window hole Details Lightbox
  77. Photo 25853: Facade under repair with yellow plaster, red bricks and white and four yellow windows Details Lightbox
  78. Photo 26262: Facade with shuttered, panelled, black door and window Details Lightbox
  79. Photo 26370: Facade with brown double door and shop windows Details Lightbox
  80. Photo 17875: Yellow facade with 10 green windows Details Lightbox
  81. Photo 12790: Facade with black door and 23 windows Details Lightbox
  82. Photo 24863: Facade with teal, shuttered windows leading to a canal Details Lightbox
  83. Photo 14125: Green facade with 15 windows Details Lightbox
  84. Photo 26246: No window: Grey facade with window holes in an abandoned house Details Lightbox
  85. Photo 23954: Grey facade with a decayed, red double door and two windows with green shutters Details Lightbox
  86. Photo 24947: Facade with three worn, barred, white windows Details Lightbox
  87. Photo 25778: Facade with two brown windows Details Lightbox
  88. Photo 24795: Facade with worn, panelled, black double door Details Lightbox
  89. Photo 25749: Facade with three unpainted windows in a decayed, grey, plastered wall Details Lightbox
  90. Photo 26383: Facade with latticed, white door and shop windows Details Lightbox
  91. Photo 23956: Grey facade with a plastered, red double door with door lights Details Lightbox
  92. Photo 25772: Facade with two worn, white and brown windows Details Lightbox
  93. Photo 12288: Lopsided facade with eight white and blue windows and black and white half-timber Details Lightbox
  94. Photo 23952: White facade with decayed, red door and grey window Details Lightbox
  95. Photo 25555: Facade of white house in Art Nouveau style under repair Details Lightbox
  96. Photo 12874: Grey facade of a 10-storey house with balconies Details Lightbox
  97. Photo 18960: Facade with yellow bricks and 48 windows Details Lightbox
  98. Photo 24287: Light yellow sandstone facade with many carved details, door and six windows Details Lightbox
  99. Photo 20060: Facade with white brickwork and brown board partition. Blocked windows and decayed, red windows Details Lightbox
  100. Photo 24563: Facade with orange tiles and two shop doors covered by green security shutters Details Lightbox